"Ginger" Houses

Saturday night was our first annual gingerbread house making contest. A contest because Caca insisted it be.

There was a lot of talkin' crap. Zach and Erica proudly exclaimed they were making their houses organically (sans glue gun), right around 5 minutes later both of their houses collapsed under their faulty plan and too much frosting.

Everyone took the house construction very seriously, Sween was mainly a rover, helping us all out with eating our candies off our houses, or "ginger houses" as she preferred to call them.

In the end, Chris & Alex won. They created a double level mansion complete with peppermint steps and a roof chair for Santa. Chris used up all the peppermints, with no apologies.

I found these 3 angels in my living room.

Trying out my new camera.

These are Erica's black boots. She all but sleeps in them.

I suggested we sing Christmas carols around the piano and received a chorus of groans. We played Catchphrase instead, the boys handed our asses to us.

Hope everyone is enjoying the crowded malls and Tiger Woods updates. Happy Holidays


call me said...

I love it! Lol to organically made. I love all of your fun festivities!

Chris said...

Alex and I ruled. And there should be no apologies for excellence.

Erica said...

I always start out very cocky with these contests and then slowly my victory slips through my fingers.

Oh good, that picture of Zach and I will be perfect for our christmas cards.

allicat said...

Always a fun time to be had at the Hampton house..... I really do wish you'd pick up your entire entourage and relocate to the northwest :)

Chris and Alex's mansion is a masterpiece. Which I want to eat.

Erica - next year whip up a batch of royal icing for yourself. It really is like glue (but don't use too much or it takes too long to dry).

Ashley Rae said...

Tiger Woods is taking up way too much of the headlines.

I agree with my mom. We should ALL move up to the northwest. Then we can have fun little shenanigans all the time.

And of course the houses are awesome.

Kristin said...

Your family - well, at least you & tim, Erica & zach, and chris & family - need to move to Washington. You do all the fun stuff and allison & I want to play.