A Thursday post about nothing.

Why oh why is Dan Radcliffe wearing a suit that closes with a toggle?

I thought Tim looked like one of those TV police detectives when he left for work today. Who goes to work in a white shirt and tie with a gun on his hip? Tim Hampton of course.

Griffin is home from Germany until the 20th, I sorta wish I could kidnap him and tell the Army they can go to hell.

I will end my Thursday post with a few unapologetic disclosures.

I cried during the Michael Jackson Memorial.
I have PMS right now.
I work only 3 days a week, and feel it's still too much.
I wish Fatness could talk.

Good day.


Ashley Rae said...

I love your post about nothing. It's awesome.

As far as Dan's suit? wtf?

Yay for Griff being home!! Screw the Army. Seriously.

PMS sucks. Bad.

allicat said...

Are the PMS and crying at the MJ memorial related?

That toggle looks just silly.

Emma Watson is a beauty.

Chris said...

Dan's suit it technically got a 'frog closure'. LOL it's ridonkulus the stuff he wears to the premieres. I miss RPattz and his leather pants and velvet jacket and bedhead at the HP4 premiere. YUM. I'm glad Emma has quit dumpster diving for her clothing, she is beautiful.

Just kidnap Griffy. I'm sure Morgan would help.

Michelle I cried in HANNAH MONTANA for hell's sake. Make no apologies about the MJ thing.

call me said...

I say 1 day of work is too much. Yay for Griff being home! You look so great in that pic of the 3 of you Michelle!

Can you and your amazing purse come back and visit me soon?

In my defense about not posting, I have tried three times this week to upload pics and it isn't working! I hate seeing that same, old post every day too!

Michelle said...

Malia, at least you are trying.

Zach took that pic of the 3 of us way up high, so my chin gobbler is hidden.

We missed you at Caca's last night playing Wii.

(I do believe the crying jag and the PMS are related.)

EEK said...

All cats can talk. They just choose not to.