Partees and Cats

Abbigail turned 11 a few days ago, isn't she beautiful?

...umm Sween was in fine form, posin' for pics and lookin' for krittens.

I do think Griffin flew the 9 hours and 8000 miles home just to hold Fatness.


Ashley Rae said...

Sween is such a poser. LOL. It's adorable. And happy birthday to Abbigail. :)

Fatness is just awesome.

allicat said...

I love the glow from the candles as they shine on Abby.... looks like she had a great birthday.

It's clear Griffin was delighted to spend time with Fatness - how does Fatness feel about Grif's return?

Michelle said...

Fatness does not share Griffin's joy. Mostly his ears are layed back in their nervous position.

Erica said...

lol lol to Sween hunting for Pegs. Abby looks very cute in her yellow top, I want one of those in my size. And lol lol to Fatness and Griffin.

call me said...

It's good to see Griff home.

Lol to Sween in the cubby on her belly.

Chris said...

Abby looks so cute and happy. I love the shot of her with the candles, my baby is growing up too fast. D:

Poor Pegs. Sween tires her OUT.

Kristin said...

I love that picture of Camille's feet.