My baby is 21 today.

I miss you Griffin.

Here is what I love most about you:

1. You never get upset, cool as a cucumber.

2. You never fail to greet me with a hug or kiss.

3. You can keep 7 books of Harry Potter straight, including who is in what book, and what plot line is in what book.

4. You love Adam Corolla as much as I do.

basic training 006

5. You are kind and generous.

6. You have empathy and would never want to hurt anyone intentionally.


7. I love when you laugh.

8. You love cats.

07-06-2008 06;25;40PM

9. I miss you picking me up and carrying me around.

10. No one can make me laugh harder. (Well maybe Erica).


The house is awfully quiet without you around. I don't like the Army keeping you for a year.

You are growing up so fast, and I know soon you will probably move out, and that is something I don't want to think about. I am so proud of you Griffin, you are such a fine person and a good person. I couldn't be prouder.

Love you.


Erica said...

Very sweet post, I love that picture of him and fatty Banjo, lol.

How is he 21?!!!!!

Chris said...

#3 aint no big deal. LOL.

All very sweet and all very true. Griff is also a wonder at Pictionary and can read minds.

Love you Griffy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out mom. I love you very much and i miss you!


Ashley Rae said...

What a great guy. Happy birthday :)

allicat said...

Very sweet. I have fond and funny memories of Griffin as a kid. He was really very entertaining... and sounds like he still is today. And has grown into a wonderful young man. No wonder you're so proud of him.

Happy birthday Griff!