Ode To Joy

My sister says I'm supposed to post something that makes me happy for 8 days straight, and I must post at least one thing each day.

I'm happy that we hit 98 degrees today and not 100.

I'm happy that Fatness' fur is cut short because right now he is laying all the way across my shoulder with his head in front of my face while I try to type.

I'm happy that I have 6 shiny new periodicals laid out in front of me, waiting for my perusal.

I'm happy to have friends like Alli and her sister Kris who meticulously plan fun weekend getaways for Chris and I. They are currently planning our trip to Forks and La Push Beach. They even name our vacations: "Escape The Heat - Twilight Tour."


Chris said...

Hee hee you will like doing this, promise. And I loveeee your sidebar and hate to admit how much it's true.

Now that is "glass half full" thinking about the weather. Ugh.

Kris/Alli are planners extraordinaire, I bow to their majesty.

Ashley Rae said...

Aw, a way to keep you positive. How sweet. I will be excited to read your daily posts.

Yes- Kris and Alli are AMAZING planners. Your trip will be fantastic. Hopefully you see some vampires.

allicat said...

Even if she doesn't like doing this, I'm glad she is : )

LOVE the pic of the cat.... looks like he's dancing for joy.

We're going to have a blast (of course) on our "Escape the Heat - Twilight Tour" Girls Getaway Weekend!

Erica said...

I love this 8 Days of Happiness! I might have to do it too. Also love that cat picture a lot.

Kristin said...

Ninety eight degrees?? Already?

I'm happy we are going on the Twilight Tour as well. :) It is so pretty there.

I love the picture of the kitty. But I would like to see one of you & Fatness right now with him draped across your shoulder!