Day 2 of felicidad

Today I watched my grandson Dustin. He is 2 1/2. I got to watch "Toy Story 2" twice and "Iceage" once. We consumed Cheetos, raisins and Capri Suns. We did a lot of him putting clown heads on my fingers and me giving them names like "Silly Jelly Head," which made him giggle.


This is what I see every night. Tim sitting in his usual corner pocket of the sofa, and Fatness standing before him. Let me explain, Fatness waits, staring at Tim until he gives him the "ok" to sit in his lap. The "ok" is Tim tapping his chest and saying "kitty come." One evening Fatness waited 2 hours until Tim allowed him over via the tapping. This little song and dance between the two of them makes me very happy.



allicat said...

You are a fun grandma. Although it's really hard to call you grandma - just seems wrong that we're that old.

Fatness is amazing.

Chris said...

I'm glad Dustin likes those toys! And you are a very good grandma. Are you worn out after that?

Fatty and Tim need to be on one of those pet trick shows. 2 hours??

Erica said...

Fatty and Tim are RIDICULOUS.

Kristin said...

I would like you to put on a production of Silly Jelly Head and His Amazing Friends and upload a video of the production. Dustin can help.

Michelle said...

Yes, Chris thanks for the toys, the cars were especially a big hit.

A production of Silly Jelly Head and his peeps would be an amazing production! I will get right on it.

I'm glad Dustin doesn't call me 'grandma' he calls me "Poppit" for some reason.

Erica said...

lol lol Poppit.

call me said...

Lol. Dustin is such a sweetie!

And what is it I hear? Fatness waits for Tim's command! I thought Fatness had no respect for humans, was I ever wrong.

Ashley Rae said...

LOL- that is cute. What a fabulous grandmother you are with the "silly jelly head" name.

And Fatness is quite the incredible cat.

Poppit? LOL

Chris said...

I thought he called Tim 'poppit'? It fits both of you nicely though.

Michelle said...

We both are called poppit, it's easier that way.