The Sween Turns 3

It was a pink pony day and The Sween was in full Sween form.

There was a pinata, and later instructions to Caca not to take any of the candy.

Zach was called upon often to help unwrap presents and to assemble Baby Cutie Pony bassinets.

Uncle Tim was instructed to pull the birthday girl in her wagon.

Sween cut short her pony playing time to spit-blow out candles.

Aunt Michelle was instructed several times by Sween to "COME PLAY WITH ME!!!!!"

Let it be known that all of Sweener's humble servants obeyed each and every request, because well, Sween rules.

The eye of the storm.


Ashley Rae said...

Pink pony birthday? What more could a 3 yr old princess/queen ask for?

She is so adorable...

Erica said...

lol a very accurate summary. Sween was going 1,000 miles an hour. Did she CRASH that night Chris?

call me said...

Lol, eye of the storm. Sween is perfect, and I love her little dress leggings outfit!

Chris said...

YES she did crash Caca. We are all still recovering. I'm just beginning to climb out today....

Thanks for coming, all my lovely family. She had the best b-day EVAR. Love you all.

I still haven't gotten around to loading my pics, so more to come.

allicat said...

What a fun, fun day. Chris, she looks SOOO much like you!!!