New Year Caturday

Fatness was a good sport.

He put up with being covered in wrapping paper.

...and a dog that assaulted his ears with non stop lickiing.

Not even Caca nor Griffy could console him.


Ashley Rae said...

LOL he is such a handsome cat.

Kristin said...

You may need to frame that last one.

call me said...

Who is that amazing dog?

Michelle said...

Malia, the dog is not important (Brittany's dog by the way) Fatty is in counseling because of that dog.

allicat said...

Poor Fatty - had to share his domain with a DOG!!!! On Christmas!!!

He is in need of a vacation. Or a trip to the spa.

Chris said...

He had to endure two dogs over his holiday season. Poot Fatty needs some Xanax. Or is it Catax?