This past week has been nothing short of amazing. I have been watching and reading the presidential coverage nonstop. President Obama and his beautiful family have inspired me to be a better person. He is a good man, a man with ethics and morals. He wants to do the right thing, he chooses truth and goodness. In his first short interview after becoming president, a reporter set him up to basically, throw Chief Roberts under the bus for messing up the oath of office. Obama took the high road, wouldn't go there and pretty much threw the whole thing back on himself and then said something about Roberts "helping me through the stanzas." It was a very small glimpse into exactly why I voted for him.

In my new reflective mood, I wanted to share who else inspires me:

Timothy Dan: My husband. He deftly handles stressful situations like no other. He is kind to people, enjoys people. He inspires me to a higher ground. I go to him for help, and he has the answer.

Christine Kay: My sister. Her passion for books, family, children is limitless. She goes about her duties as mother to 3 with a heart overflowing for those fine souls. Selfless. Selfless. Alex, Abby, Camille are loved.

Erica: My daughter. I should wear a crocheted wristband with "WWED" What would Erica do? I don't know how this motivated, organized, brilliant creature sprang from my uterus, I am in constant amazement at her copious talents. She is loyal and fearless.

Griffin: My son. Griffin is a magnet to people. They want to be near him, he is kind and inhabits a gentle soul. He walks a different path than most, never would he hurt someone or inflict pain. He loves people, simply and truthfully.

Allison: My friend. She and I have lived hundreds of miles from each other for 27 years, yet nothing has changed between us. She is loyal to a fault. She has enough talent for 5 women. I was always in her wake trying to keep up. Beautiful spirit, passionate center. I have shared with her some of my best laughter. Strength.


Chris said...

Thanks for making me cry on a Saturday morning! I am not selfless, but everything you said about everyone else is so true.

Obama is determined to be bi-partisan, bless him.

And YOU sister, are in inspiration to ME. I can call you and complain and moan at any time and you always listen and have good input.

Kristin said...

I love this post. And so true on all counts.

As Chris mentioned just briefly, you are an inspiration to many, as well. It can't be by accident that you have such wonderful relationships with these fine people.

allicat said...

What a sweet post! Chris, you are selfless.... don't argue, just accept the compliment : )

Michelle - I love how no matter what stress or tragedy may be going on in either of our lives, we can find ourselves in healing fits of laughter within minutes. In fact, I think perhaps we should have a phone 'laughter date' at least once a month to do just that!

Kristin is right - you are an inspiration to all of us. You know, like attracts like : )

love you

PA-lurker said...

You are a lucky woman. Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts.

Ashley Rae said...

This is a very good post. I love reading about your inspirations. They are definitely good ones.

call me said...

That is so sweet Michelle, and I am CONSTANTLY asking Erica to assess my life.

Erica said...

I love any post where I am referred to as a "brilliant creature".

Such a nice post! YOU are an inspriation to me.