My Favorite Things

Oprah has been on my nerves a lot lately, I can't put my finger on it exactly, except that she seems to think she should yell all the time and announce her guests with said yelling and long long syllable pauses. Don't even get me started with her putting her big mug on every damn cover of her magazine.

But I do enjoy her favorite things lists, and since I can't sensibly afford $200 African sheep wool and leather of Yak slippers, I will share with you my favorite things, or "Favorite Things From Someone Who Isn't a Billionaire."

This is an ammmmmmazing (use Oprah voice here) carpet cleaner. It heats its own water and deep cleans, almost like a commercial one. It's pretty and purple too. I abhor dirty carpet.

My "I love cats" blanket. It's soft and not too big, Morgan made it and Griffin picked out the material. I don't like when anyone uses it but me.

These 3 products are marvelous. If I were completely honest with myself, I would need to admit that a lot of their appeal is the packaging. Yes, Chanel No 5 is a classic cologne, but people look at the bottle design! and this mascara makes me feel like I have Liza Minnelli lashes.

The Illuminations candle store. I get weak in the knees when I enter, the last time I was there I lost my way near the back of the store and started turning around in circles mumbling about "there is too much in here I want, too much" Tim bought me these shell pillars that hold stands of tea lights and gently led me out.

This little floor heater is my best friend. He keeps my tile warm for me after I step out of the shower, he is also inexpensive and doesn't ask anything of me. He gently keeps my feet warm as I apply my make up, he listens as I explain to him how excited I still am about Obama winning and how much I still hate Palin and wish one of her snow machines would run her over. No judging from sweet heater, just love.

My monthly issue of Vanity Fair. When I see its shiny cover, covered in plastic wrap sitting inside my mailbox, a small shiver goes down my spine. It's in my opinion, the perfect magazine. A combination of Hollywood and politics and all kinds of other stuff, not the least of which is fabulous photography.

What are your favorite things?


allicat said...

My current favorite non-billionioare things....

My bird feeder and all the little birds it attracts

The leaded glass snowflake in my window that spreads rainbows across my carpet

My fireplace

My Sedu hair straightener

Erica said...

I was watching Oprah the other day and that annoying doctor was on who always wears scrubs. We get it, you're a doctor.

My fave things right now:
My computer.
Zach's big and soft gray tshirts which I have stolen.
My penguin card from Mama.

Chris said...

Right now? hmmmm

My coffee with lots of Sweet Italian Creme creamer

a guiet house

a husband who doesn't get riled up easy

kids that have been getting along lately

Sween, Sween, Sween. Period.

call me said...

I LOVE this post! Allow me to share my list.

First off, I saw your Lancome tube of mascara and became giddy, I love my definicils.

My new lamanite, wood flooring, and ever so transforming living room.

My new boots and new Old Navy coat that I bought 50% off!

My Grandma in town that has been running my errands, painting my walls,organizing linen closets and my pantry, and walking my dog.

Kristin said...

I love your illumination candles and I'm afraid I need your carpet cleaner.

My list today would include:

My mini Stonehenge replica (about 1 inch tall). Very silly, but it makes me laugh.

Harvest & Holiday scents - things like pumpkin spice and cinnamon and butter cream frosting...

My warm slippers (a lovely hunter green color)

Holiday decorations

Ashley Rae said...

Definitely a good list. I don't watch Oprah so luckily I don't have to be annoyed with her.

My list:

Fridays- right about 4:30 p.m.
The smell of Christmas trees
Really soft brownies
Sleeping in (which I never get to do, but I love it)
New shoes