The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Tim wondered why I was already getting out my Fall/Halloween decorations? My obvious reply with a hint of annoyance "I only have 31 days in October to enjoy them."

Here are a few pics of my efforts.


These black cat lights were a new purchase.

Also a new purchase, this sinister raven.

I adore garland with twinkle lights.





Happy Haunting everyone!


call me said...

Your Halloween decorations are amazing!

allicat said...

You are a regular Martha Stewart, aren't you??? It looks BEAUTIFUL Michelle. And you know, you can leave most of these up through November : ) YEAH!

I LOVE the black cats... and anything with twinkle lights makes me happy.

I often wish I had a stairway to decorate each year..... my space is so limited, but you spruced me right up last fall. Come do it again : )

Amber said...

You, Chris, and my mom are all of one mind. I love all of the decorations!

KmS said...

I REALLY wish you would come and decorate my house for Halloween.....

Chris said...

I want those black cat lights immediately. Where did you get them???

"I only have 31 days to enjoy them"--my sentiments precisely.

Everything looks gorgeous, as usual. Where are the pics of your witch collection...?

Kristin said...

I love Halloween decorations. Almost more than Christmas decorations. Yours are wonderful. You've inspired me to go out and put up my little orange and purple lights. I think I'll do that now...

Erica said...

YAY! I am getting so excited for the party.

Michelle said...

I got the black cats at Safeway!

Ashley Rae said...

I LOVE fall and I absolutely love your decorations. You're so artsy fartsy. I love it.