Invisible Fowl

So I have had a mystery brewing in my back yard all summer. The culprit(s) were fond of digging in my flower pots throwing dirt all over my patio, making a basic mess. The pots that had miniature palms, were dug down, exposing roots almost killing my plants and sending me into cursing orbit. Many evenings after work, I walked outside to find my brick patio in upheaval, and me mumbling to myself "what or who is trying to drive me insane?" Tim and I deduced it was the effing pigeons who more or less get blamed for everything. So I started watching the pigeons closely in my backyard, but alas, only saw them walking through the lawn eating water bugs and being pigeon-like. I told Timothy I was declaring war on my invisible fowl, so I put gravel and small stones around my potted palms figuring little bird feet couldn't handle it, I was wrong. The suspects were flipping out the gravel and the dirt making a bigger mess and still exposing roots!

This past weekend I was up earlier than my normal 6:00 am and saw a covey of quail sitting on my lounge chair, which I thought was odd, so I watched them. 3 of them jumped up into my flower pot and started scratching around making a complete MESS! I threw open my back door and ran towards them, they quickly flew off to the fence leaving behind dirt and more dirt all over my lounge chair and patio. I pointed my finger at them "Aha! I caught you, I don't care if you are cute and have little plumes on your heads, your playground is closed."

Here are a few pictures of the defendants, they are slightly blurry because I had to take the pictures in haste since they are quick to fly away from me. Don't let their cuteness fool you, they are calculating potting soil predators.


allicat said...

Oh, I LOVE quail :)

I'm sorry they are disrupting your pots and plants and wall, but I love them. I love their little bobbly head thingies. They are cute and make me smile. Let them be. They need to be in pots to hide from the cats.

Thank you for the pics - glad the mystery is finally solved.

Chris said...

I have to agree with Allison, sorry, they are too cute to be mad at for too long! Then again, they aren't disrupting my backyard. Then again, my backyard usually looks like a stampede of elephants came charging through. :(

Send the quail to my house! I'll give them some pots to root around in.

Ashley Rae said...

LOL. Yes, they're cute. Too bad they are disturbing the peace of your beautiful backyard.

PA-lurker said...

Isn't your name Tippi Hedren?

Michelle said...

They are cute, but they are taking over my yard...they must leave.

Hello Michael! I hated "The Birds," maybe that is why I have pidgeon and quail problems now.