Happy Birthday Sister


We did what we do best, ate, laughed and discussed the pertinent issues like what middle aged movie star is holding up best, how does anyone take McCain seriously and which "Supernatural" boy is hottest. Chris might have mentioned how she would like to lick those boys from head to ummm toe.


I love her for many reasons. She is an involved mother, an unselfish mother and a cognizant mother.

She was born to be a great sister. She has held my sanity together with her bare hands during some bumpy years, she makes me laugh and even laughs at me. She loves my children almost as much as I do. Her empathy is limitless.
08-11-2007 05;48;11PM

She loves cats.
08-13-2007 05;31;30PM

She is intelligent, funny and a great cook. Her Texas Sheet Cake should be bronzed and her Sweet Potato Casserole is renown, just ask Tim. I hear about that damn casserole for months after Thanksgiving.

My favorite picture of Chris. We had just started our vacation with Allison and Kristin, it was a crisp day in Sequim Washington and the pumpkins and scarecrows made us happy.

So here's to you Mrs. Spiro-- During those long days and hours of taking care of a house, husband, 3 children, church duties, cleaning, cooking, 3 animals and a yard--don't forget to be carefree, happy, giggle, to go get your hair and nails done and continue your love affair with 20ish hotties. Never lose yourself. I love you dear little sister.



Chris said...

Thank You Sissy, FOR EVERYTHING. Dinner!BBW!BlackCats!TalkingTrees!MyOwnBlogTribute! That was such a fun night with you and Caca. Thanks for putting up with a ultra-violent episode with 'my boys' (sorry to both you and Caca for putting you through that)and talking for hours about nothing in particular.

You're my hero, Michelle.

P.S. My kids LOVED the tree and it puts Camille in a kind of trance when it's on. It's the owls, I think. :D

allicat said...

Happy Birthday Chris!

My birthday wish for you is a surprise visit from one, or both, of the Supernatural boys. If not in person, in a very, very vivid dream :)

Chris said...

Thank you Allison for the beautiful card! Your photos always take my breath away.

And I second your wish, wholeheartedly....(speaking of taking my breath away)

Alright I am done hijacking Michelle and Caca's blogs.