Good Thursday

Today is a good day, it's the last day of the Republican Convention, tomorrow is Friday, the Fall programming is around the corner, Erica and I are taking Chris out for her birthday on Saturday and the VMA's are Sunday--where I pray Brittany Spears does another 'dance' routine. In honor of these fine reasons I'm posting a cat video.

Below you will find a very rough indie reenactment of the Caturday Japanese techno video. I would have fine tuned it with a black background etc, but I had 1 very unwilling participant(Fatness), and only one take. At any rate, if you listen very carefully you will hear a very brief sad "meoooow" and a lot of giggling from me because I am easily amused by anything involving cats.



allicat said...

Thank you for this video. Even though it is somewhat lacking without the music, it is far more enjoyable that the repuglican convention.... I can't wait til it's over. And I hope the general public doesn't buy into Palin's lies.... and there were many (in addition to her mean and belittling jabs at Obama).

I adore that you are always so easily amused by cats : )

Poor Fatness did NOT want to be a video star tonight...

Chris said...

This video event made my evening after that lovely conversation with mother. Thank Fatty on my behalf and tell him he needs to embrace his inner star and not hide his light under a bushel any longer. He is destined for greatness now with this video on the internets.

Ashley Rae said...

LOL I love it. Fatness will be a movie star.