Time for a wedding!

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Dear Zachary,

Please take care of my girl.

She's my most precious gift and I am giving her to you. She is everything I ever dreamed of in a daughter, in fact, she surpassed my dreams. I know with you she will be fine, I know you love her just as much as I do. Respect her. Adore her. Cherish her. I know with you she will be happy.

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Chris said...

Yes, and for Godsakes, FEED HER. I worry, you know.

Less than a week, Caca!!!! It will be perfect and beautiful and just sit back and enjoy yourselves (yeah, right, I know).

allison said...

And remember, Zach, if you DON'T take good care of her Erica, Michelle has access to a gun.

I know the wedding will be spectacular - I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it!

Chris - one of my favorite wedding memories was from your wedding at La Quaille.

You tossed (hurled, more like) your bouqet and it hit me right in the forhead.

Brad, standing next to me, said "You wouldn't know a bouquet if it hit you in the head!"

Erica said...

This is so sweet! I love all the old wedding pictures. Mom we are going to be big fat cry babies on Friday I can feel it already.

EEK said...

Thank you for making me cry - twice. First with tears of joy for Erica and Zach and then tears because now I feel DANG old.

PS - Ditto Chris...give that girl some real Coke, Fruit Loops and Texas Sheet Cake.

Michelle said...

lol to the gun comment. I think we are all in agreement that sweet Erica should eat more. Yesterday she did order a cheeseburger at lunch and did in fact, eat the whole thing.

Karen we will miss you and Carole at the wedding.

Erica said...

Enough of this nonsense, I eat!!

Chris said...

Caca, I know you ate that cheeseburger in front of your Mom, Grandma and I to get us off your back. But we won't rest easy until you reach your former, much more rotund Size 2.

Allison, I remember that event very clearly, I actually have it on tape. And leave it to Brad to say the appropriate comment.

each of the two said...

awww, you are the best Mom ever!

I'd trade in for one of you, if mine weren't also pretty fab.

I hope everyone has SUCH A LOVELY time!

call me said...

Such a sweet post Michelle! I've actually been preparing myself all week to keep the emotions in check. It'll be great, and I come tomorrow!!

Did everyone forget that Erica finishes her cheeseburgers?

Vonda said...

Yeah! A Wedding post. Im a sucker for the sweet stuff and this is good. Great pictures and I love the note to Zach.

Ashley Rae said...

I'm such a cry baby. Congrats to Erica! I'm so excited for her and Zach... I'm sure it will be a very spectacular wedding. Yay for Erica!!