Time for a Wedding Shower!

A perfect wedding shower was hosted by Kristy, Rachel, Heidi, Malia and Casey at Marsha's house. She received many wonderful things from her registry and 7 nighties. She received a beautiful apron from Aunt Vonda with matching thong (It was the hit of the night). The food was amazing.

The other hit of the night was Kristy's taped interview with Zach. He confessed he knew he wanted to marry her before he left on his mission, and their first kiss was in Aunt Kay's living room. His favorite body part is "her booty." Then for the finale, he sang a song he wrote for her (with guitar) it was SWEET, FUNNY and melted all of our hearts! Here is a sampling of the lyrics:

She loves her Coke
that ain't no joke.
She loves her cat
even tho' he's fat.

No matter what I say
she still does it her
own way.
Even when I'm right
She has to fight and
tell me we're better
off this way.

She has a small chest
her bra fills the rest

Her legs are divine
I'm so glad she's mine

All this I say
I wouldn't have
any other way

She's the one I love
She's my little turtle dove
She's the one I call


Chris said...

I'm still chortling over Zach's lyrics...can he please play that song tonight at the family dinner??

That shower was so fun and Caca has so many sweeeeet friends. That give lots of lovely gifts and make nice treats. :)

I can't believe the big day is tomorrow! Geez.

EEK said...

I miss all the fun.

I'll be thinking of all of you tomorrow...hang tough, Mamasita.

PS: "little turtle dove"?!? YIKES.

Vonda said...

I cant believe I walked out for 5 minutes and missed the main event last night. Did anyone record Zach? If not, they need it recorded anyway (to play at thier 50th Anniversary) so get Erica primed to cry again, cuz I want the whole package.

Great pictures and the shower was alot of fun, but with the video being one of the highlights - I think the salsa, homemade almond joys and miniture puppies that visisted were the other hightlights!

GILES FAM said...

Man! I wish I could have been there!! I love Air--and I'm so happy for her and Zach....and freak I missed out on the apron/thong. Where do I get me one of those!?

Ashley Rae said...

Oh my gosh- that song is completely perfect.

What a great shower!! I want to get married again (to Justin) just so I can have fun showers and a wedding again :)