Happy Happy Birthday Allison Dear.....

08-23-2007 06;40;47PM

Allison Hays is 47 years old today!

We knew we were meant to be together when we realized we both liked silly old scary movies that we watched religiously every weekend at midnight (i.e. Godzilla vs Mothra) BUT when we realized our birthdays were only a day apart we knew it was destiny.

This is what I adore about Allison:

* She can do anything...seriously people ANYTHING. She can write, take amazing photographs, paint, cook, design, sew, and her in prime she could do a mean backward walkover and throw a baton in the air twirl it around and catch it.

* She is very smart and very quick.

* She has been my psychologist since I was 15. I have turned to her for countless needs, she was always there to listen and then give me her sage advice. We have been through boyfriends, husbands, children, divorces, proms, dates, 2nd marriages and I just can't imagine any of it without her in the background somewhere.

* She is a loyal loyal friend. I've had many girlfriends, a few I would have gladly murdered, but not my Alli. She is my true north.

* This girl makes me pee my pants. We find so much in this world to be absolute silliness. For example: When we were in high school, the priests in our church (boys our age) were asked to wear ties to all meetings. This one fine boy in our neighborhood took a stance of refusing this tie commandment and was in a little trouble for his refusal. Of course Alli and I thought this was hysterical and one night stayed up making all shapes and sizes of ties out of paper and then hung them all over his house. He was not pleased, but we were.

* She is a fabulous mother to Brandon and Ashley. They are 2 amazingly talented, beautiful children.

* Thank you for all of my precious memories. We will be making more when Allison and me along with our 2 blessed sisters plan our next excursion.

I love you honey!


Chris said...

HB, Allison! You are a blessing in my sister's life and it's always a party to be around you two silly girlzzzz.

Ashley Rae said...

Happy Birthday, wonderful mom!

I love the tie story... you two are so clever. All that you said about her is true - she seriously can do anything.

Allison said...

Oh, honey, that made me cry :) You are so very sweet and I am truly honored to be your friend. I love our memories and am so looking forward to making more.

PA-lurker said...

I am your true south.