The cutest picture of Chris ever taken. We were on our way to the ferry and decided to stop and take some roadside pictures. It was a crisp, beautiful fall day.

My jaw dropped when our pathway turned and this was our view. This is the sunken garden at Butchart Gardens. Notice the mist in the distance.

Beautiful Dahlia's. There was an entire hedge of all sorts and sizes.

Pink Dahlia.

Look very closely and you will see the right hand of Chris under those 27 pillows. I discovered this odd sleeping fort when I awoke each morn.

Chris and I fending off the paparazzi on a ferry back to Washington.

Back in Seattle where we enjoyed some-mores over a small campfire. I liked this way of camping, upholstered benches and Diet Coke dispensers.

Meet Sweetness, he lives with Allison and boycotted the fact that Chris and I slept one night in his living room. He slowly trotted around our air mattress all night making plaintive "meows" and climbing all over our bodies.

This was at the end of a wonderful day of walking through the gardens in the rain. We had tea with crust less sandwiches and all sorts of small tasty desserts. There was a fireplace on one side of us and a garden on the other, it was girly and perfect.


Anonymous said...

Sweetness was all fuss and wrench while I was holding him for that picture. Poor baby with his life so upset because of our visit!!

Your pics turned out so well. I like your 'tea party' pic better than mine. And there is no proof that is me under the "27" (actually, TWO) pillows....


Allicat said...

Sweetness now misses you. He wants to give you his kitty massage while you're trying to sleep. He has warmed to up Ashey quite nicely, though runs anytime Kennedy is in sight.

Michelle - I totally agree on the camping. Smores at Cosi were perfect. My idea of roughing it is a Motel 6.

I love your pix too.... can't wait for the cds.

Erica said...

I keep getting jealous everytime I look at all these pics on everyone's blogs!

lol to Chris and the pillows.