Halloween Halloween this is Halloween

I love this holiday, I think I love it more than Christmas. It's the time of year when one can purchase witches with moxie and jaunty cats holding jack-o-lanterns.

Here is my menacing collection of ghouls. Notice carefully burned decorative candle.

A small Halloween guessing game for my readers: who can guess which clay pumpkin was designed by Erica and which one by Griffin?

Erica as a turtle-neck wearing cat, Griffin as a Power Ranger (one of the few times I could get him into a costume, he was scared of Halloween and all costumes).
09-29-2007 11;22;22AM

Erica as a princess/ballerina, Chad a chilling devil with goatee.
09-29-2007 11;20;00AM

Brandon in hand-me-down devil costume sans goatee, Kay out doing herself with the Frankenstein in parka, Griffin as swamp thing (he was wearing Erica's green dance leotard) and one arm of Erica as a Genie.
09-29-2007 11;21;19AM

I will end with Camille upstaging everyone.


Erica said...

lol lol. Griffin and the Power Ranger costume. Remember the reverence that he treated it with? He WAS the red ranger.

I loved my genie costume.

Your menacing ghouls are terrifying.

Allison said...

I think Kristin may share your feelings about Halloween : )
It is a fun holiday - but I gave most of my decorations away to Ashley when I moved... so my display will be a bit lacking when you visit next week. (Can you believe it is in less than a week???)

Loved the costume photos. Erica has always been so stylish. Griffin is a boy : ) Clay pumpkins... now that one is hard... hmmmm......

Michelle, what was your favorite costume from when you were growing up?

Michelle said...

Probably a leopard costume my mom made. It was a full suit I stepped into and zipped up the back with a tail. I wore for 3 years straight.

Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

Chris said...

I remember that leopard costume!! I think I wore it a couple of times also.

Griffin as the swamp thing is CLASSIC. I love how scared he was of all the other costumes.

I love Halloweeny and it's spooky decorations and clay pumpkins and mostly the BLACK CATS. I need to post a pic of my kitty collection.

call me said...

I too love Halloween! Michelle your decorations are amazing, per usual. I think I laughed out loud at Chad being the devil, lol. This year for work we are having a pumpkin carving contest (which I pushed for) and a costume contest. Last year I won the costume contest with my Joey the butcher, hair net, heavy jacket and stained apron.

Michelle said...

Also, Chad as Frankenstein. Malia, maybe you should try Elton JOhn again?

I want Chris to post her pictures of she and Mike as cafeteria workers, they won best costume.

call me said...

Michelle, we don't talk about the Elton John costume. I made a mockery of him.

each of the two said...

i thought of the best costume to be this year (ready),

Babe-raham Lincoln.

you know, me (a hot chick) with a beard and stove pipe hat.

no body thought it was funny.
i almost ruptured one when i thought of it so hilarious it was.

but then again, no body invited me to a cotume party either.
grownups suck.

PA-lurker said...

Little things you write just make me laugh for like 10 minutes at a time: Chad a chilling devil with goatee.