You are doing what now?

"I'm joining the Army Reserves." This is the comment I heard from Griff about 2 weeks ago, 2 days ago he signed up. I couldn't fathom my little boy enduring boot camp, I was picturing Full Metal Jacket and starting to hyperventilate. "Mom I will be fine, really, it's just boot camp."

He will be gone for 3 months, then home for Christmas then gone again for 4 months training to be an EMT. In my mother's mind he is still 9, I'm making him sandwiches without the crust and pulling his jammies over his head.

When he comes home at night he finds me, whether I'm asleep or not, because he wants me to know he is home and to give me a tight hug. I'm going to miss that.

He is going to endure long long marches while chanting foul songs in unison, there will be men with bad haircuts yelling in his face making him do push ups. They won't care if he is tired or that he needs his Mommy.

He promised me that his Sgt. said "there is a slim chance you will be deployed." Slim ain't good enough for me, I want nil to none.

He leaves October 10.


Allison said...

Anyone willing to enlist in the military or reserves while we are under the watch of the moronic, warmongering, sorry-excuse-for-a-leader in the whitehouse is very, very brave. I didn't vote for him EITHER time.

At least they are finally looking to pull BACK on this inane troop surge....

It's hard to believe this is the same little boy who wore my high heels around the house when he visited.

Griffing I'm proud of you.

Michelle, I'm terrified for you as only another mother can be. I like the nil to none odds better as well. We'll cling to those.

Anonymous said...

Ditto was Allison said. Oh Griffin, he is brave to do this (and practical), I just hope he continues to be brave and courageous in the face of adversity and fatigue and Lord only knows what else. But I think he will be. I'm sure he'll make you proud.

I can't believe Griffin is old enough to be doing this!! Where does the friggin time go!

Aunt Chris

Michelle said...

I hear both of you. Alli I couldn't agree with you more on your Bush rant.

There is something so pure about the love a boy has for his mother, this will be very hard for me.

Vonda said...

Michelle, I got teary reading this. I dont have time to read the comments, but want you to know how proud I am of Griff. He has ALWAYS been the soft-hearted boy that everyone loves. We havent got to see him as much as we would like, but I still have that little boy image in my mind too. Tell him we love him and are proud of him. (and tell Erica to hurry up on that laptop!)

Michelle said...

Vonda, thanks for your comments. I got teary eyed reading what you wrote! He is a sweet boy and I pray he will be safe.