It's official

Phoenix has a new record! 2007 rings in the hottest summer in history! To celebrate this wonderful occasion I present to you my backyard. This poor thing has endured over 30 days of 110 degrees. Note the u-shaped palm tree.

All clay pots are empty or holding a dead/semi dead plant.

Here is how my backyard is supposed to look, green and lovely.

For good measure, another picture of Fatness.


Allison said...

Oh, just shoot me now. Why on earth do people choose to live in such oppressive heat!

I'm sorry about your wilting/dying yard.... I bet your plants gaze longingly at the swimming pool, wishing they could take a dip (not realize the chlorine would kill them)....

Michelle said...

We endure this hell because we get to enjoy mild weather Oct-Apr. No snow!

My poor plants. This summer has been ridiculous. Our low has been hovering around a brisk 91.

LOL to my plants gazing at the pool.

Anonymous said...

That is depressing and we are fools for living here. It's a fact that you can practically light a palm tree on fire and it will survive...but yours is wilting from this summer. RIDICULOUS.

I discovered today that the sun scorched my potted Rosemary plant and I was pissed.

Michelle WTF are we doing here???


Michelle said...

Chris you and I are NOT summer-lovin people. We don't enjoy lounging by the pool sipping smart cocktails. We like a dark, cool cave-like atmosphere where we can watch Clive on DVD or read a book. We both LOVE rainy days.

We belong in Seattle with Allison!

Allison said...

Yes, it's been a lovely summer. Never got over 90 for more than a couple of days. Most has been in the upper 70s. This weekend has been a delightful mid 70s, and it's slightly overcast with a light breeze today. My plants are loving it... I love that we have such a long growing season.

I'm definitely a temperate-weather gal. Yes, you guys ought to move here : )

Erica said...

LOL Fatness' haircut looks more ridiculous than usual for some reason.

I can't wait to see him this weekend. He misses me.

call me said...

Michelle although your plants look hideous, your backyard is always perfectly manicured.

Michelle said...

Malia you always find the silver lining.

Caca, Fatness must have you visit more often, he gets irritable when you don't show.

Craig and Heidi said...

Our backyard is struggling as well. My poor husband is trying to keep it alive but is failing.