For you, Malia

I have been tagged by Malia and requested to give you 7 fascinating items regarding me.
1. I love to laugh. I love people that make me laugh, which brings me to
2. Chris, Erica, Griffin, Alli, Mike R., Malia, my brother Brad and Tim (not on purpose) all make me laugh hard. I don't like unfunny people or people who think their funny and their really not.
3. I like to clean. My mother told me the last time she was at my house "I think you have the cleanest bathroom I have ever seen, I like to use your bathroom." Her comment was manna to my ears, is there anything better than a shiny floor and the smell of orange oil on wood?
4. I LOVE HGTV, no seriously, if I could climb through my t.v. I would and then I would follow around the people on "Mission Organization" they go into horrible messy homes and help them get rid of all their shite and design new organized rooms for them, I get weak and high with happiness when they reveal the final project.
5. I LOVE MOVIES and award shows. Waiting for the Academy Awards all year is my Christmas. I try to see every movie nominated and become giddy watching the red carpet parade. Erica and I have vowed to see that red carpet in person at least once in our lives.
6. I have a disproportionate love of the feline. Cats do something internally to me, when I see Fatness in all his hairy glory stretching, yawning or coming out of his cat nap comatose state, I know that God created the perfect species.
7. I have saved the bestest for last. I love to be with my family. When I am with them is when I feel my best. Griffin and Erica next to me brings me joy and pride, they are 2 of the best people I know. Tim is my amazingly talented husband, there is nothing the man can't do. The word over-achiever is meant for him. He spoils me and buys me nice jewelry too.



Erica said...

Seeing our vow in print gives me new motivation to figure out how to get to the fan stands at the red carpet. We must beat the system.

You are very good at fulfilling your tag duties, I don't think I can top this one.

lol to Fatness representing the perfect species.

call me said...

Michelle I loved the tag, and lol to the picture. When I see that photo I see Chris, Erica and yourself all chuckling on the other side of the camera. I think I like this tagging business. Oh and you are the cleanest person I know. Which makes me question how we can are friends.

Michelle said...

Malia, my cleanliness bares no burden on our friendship. You are funny and clever that is enough.

Anyone who will pose like that in a wedding dress will always be my hero.

Join Erica and I in our mission to the red carpet.

call me said...

My mission on the red carpet would be strictly cat calling. In hopes to get thrown off the metal stands and into the arms of Elton John.

Kristin said...

Hey Michelle,

Want to come to my house to clean? It could use it. Clutter abounds. That's what happens when Nanny's not here to clean...

Remember my grandmother? Could anyone forget how she'd come early in the morning and clean circles around us all as we slept? "Oh, you lazy girls!" How when we were going to a different room in house she'd insist we take 9 or 10 (or 11, if they could hang from our fingers or ears, even) objects into the other room ("here, you can take this, too") so she could clean up the one she was in? Didn't she drive you crazy?

Well, I'm not like that. :)

So please come clean my house.

Michelle said...

LOL LOL yes Kris I do remember your wonderful grandma. She was correct in her assumption of us being lazy girls. I meant to say in my post that my mother has said a million times "you and Irene are the best cleaners I have ever seen" Your home was sparkling clean and it was my favorite place to be. God bless house cleaners.

Allicat said...

Once, my mom had someone come demo a "Mr Steam" steam cleaner in her home. Afterward the lady told me it was horrible - she couldn't find ANYTHING that wasn't spotless to demonstrate it! Not even cracks in the appliances! (She made the sale anyway, because my mom wanted the steam iron aspect)....

So, honey, I think you need to come visit me. Maybe you can make sense of my closets and desk... You won't have to clean (unless you want to) because I finally gave in and hired Molly Maids to come do it. LOL.... I hate cleaning.

BTW.. my blog is almost ready.... : )

Michelle said...

Alli part of your genius is your messy desk, you seem to know where everything is too.

That's a good "Irene" story. Not only was your house spot-less, it stayed at a cool 71 in the summer, unlike my house where we used an old portable air conditioner with a wet sheet draped over it.

I need to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

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