Posh and Becks, so what?

Ok, Ok she's got style, he's athletic and rugged,

But America has ERI and ZACHS

Erica and Zach

Erica and Zach


acaseofcot said...

really america is all screwed up on who gets the limelight.....agreed michelle...erica and zach take it all.

dani said...

So cute. How come Erica is so freakin photogenic! What the heck...

Michelle said...

I knew their fans would step up. I agree Dani, what the heck?

RJones said...

Seriously how could any couple even compare to Erica and Zach? They bring out the absolute best in eachother and just look at them. They are amazing! Erica is equally as amazing and Posh with her style and Zach is rugged like Beckam too. Amen Michelle. Amen.

RJones said...

By the way I just saw that I am first on your blog list. Although it is coincidence I am honored.

Michelle said...

Rachel you being first on my blog list is no coincidence my friend, you are first in so many ways.

I taste a reality show. Eri and Zach + hand-held camera = hilarity. Listen up MTV.

call me said...

I love the pictures that you chose. The picture of Erica laughing on the couch with Zach is one of my very favorites! I think Victoria Beckham is over rated, and Erica under rated!

Erica said...

LOL some of those are pretty scary pictures. And obviously we work on our physiques MUCH harder than Posh and Becks.

You are all too kind. Yesterday Zach and I got in a fight over the 1985 movie "Mad Max, Beyond the Thunderdome" starring Mel Gibson. Like a serious fight. So I'm glad we have you all fooled.

Michelle said...

I would love to hear the details of this "fight"

Malia, the laughing on the couch pic is my fav too, I was coaching Zachary on how I wanted him to smile and I got that perfect look out of him.