Kitchen Remodel

We have been in this house for 10 years, for 10 years we have talked about painting cabinets and adding granite counter tops. The exquisite Formica was beginning to chip, the white dishwasher was very loud and the oak finish cabinets were water-stained, but other than that it was a lovely kitchen. Here is a before picture from 2010 Halloween, or maybe Zach just liked wearing dinosaur tails.

We first got our cabinets painted a chocolate brown, it took two days and we had to endure a very potent varnish smell. Our kitchen was taped up like a scene from Dexter.

They took off all the fronts and painted them in our backyard, the rest was taped off and sprayed.

We picked out brushed nickel handles. We still needed a sink and counter tops.

We went to Home Depot and picked out a light colored granite, and had planned on a stainless steel sink, but opted for a chocolate granite sink. Picked out a faucet and added a stainless steel dishwasher. Could have done this 10 years ago, but why rush things.


Erica said...

This kitchen makes me so happy now. Nothing more satisfying than a quality before and after picture.

Paige Hanna said...

It looks great! Someday I will get to redo my kitchen, starting with changing the awful forest green countertops : )

Chris said...

It looks really nice. My whole kitchen (and house) needs to be gutted and redone.

Allicat said...

Love, love, love it. You've got such great taste... I would love to eat something cooked in this kitchen.

Kaylyn said...

Absolutely stunning!! :)

Giles Fam said...

i love your kitchen, michelle! it looks awesome!

Kristin said...

I love it! Very classy!

Anonymous said...

LOVE!! It looks amazing, and the colors are stunning together! Excellent job!

Answer me this? What is greater than shiny granite countertops?

Nothing. Well, maybe except Zach standing in your sparkling new kitchen with his dino tail.