Happy Birthday Morgan!

This is Morgan. Today is her 22nd birthday. She is beautiful, funny and smart. She loves Griffin and she loves cats.

She has dated Griffin for 5 years, she is always there for him, whether it's crying with me at the airport when he left for his year deployment or playing ridiculous video games with large weapons.

This is her cat Leroy. He likes to chase and fetch Mardi Gras beads, Tim has deemed him "the smartest cat alive."

We are blessed to have you in our lives! Happy Birthday. (This is my favorite picture of you and Griffin...Basic Training South Carolina 12-17-07)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Michelle, this means so much to me! I love you and your family more than you know! Also, I just want to tell you again, I really love my gifts and the shirts fit perfectly! Thank you For everything! <3


Chris said...

Hope you have a great day, Morgan, you are a sweet sweet girl.

allicat said...

Happy Birthday Morgan!

I hope I get to meet you some day.

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday!

It is so awesome when our kids find people who FIT in the family. What I request of Sam & J'Neil is that their "significant other" ADD TO the family rather than take them away from the family. Sounds like Morgan is definitely an ADD TO. :)

Erica said...

Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day.

PS I like your cat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys! It's was a awesome day!


Anonymous said...

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