For Malia

Malia adores Fatness. She loves when I post about him and recently requested more pictures. This is for you Malia.

Fatness sleeping.




You're welcome.


Erica said...

Malia will really appreciate these pictures, she worships Fatness.

Chris said...

Oh Fatty. Such a hard life! I love that red pillow he is laying by.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I had a prompting not to click on your blog today. And I still stand by my point! Fatness isn't even looking at the camera, he's probably flipping you off when you're not looking.


Michelle said...

Malia, you should have listened to the Holy Ghost and not clicked on my blog.

Chris said...

LOLOL Malia. I think all cats are doing that when we aren't looking. I think my cat would do it to my face if she could. And yet, I am obsessed with her--I wonder what the life lesson is there...