Wagon Wheel

Erica clued me into a very funny blog that pays homage to elementary school pictures that used laser beams in the background. "We Have Lasers!"

This had me reminiscing about Erica and Griffin's horrible backgrounds. One in particular stands out. Griffin brought home his packet of backgrounds to choose from, I think there was 3. I don't remember the other 2, but there was one horrendous background of a desert scene and a huge ugly wagon wheel in the foreground.

I brought Griffin over to the table on picture day and repeated over and over, very slowly to him "WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T PICK THE WAGON WHEEL ONE." I explained to him that I wanted the nice plain background. He assured me he would as he skipped off to school in his multi-colored gecko t-shirt.

A couple of weeks later he brought his pictures home from school and proudly showed me this:

wagon wheel


Erica said...

LOL probably my favorite Griffin story of all time. The best part is his blissful expression, no one has ever been so happy about posing with a wagon wheel.

Kristin said...

He somehow makes that awkward arm position look completely natural. At least he was happy with it. :)

Chris said...

Oh Griff, this is so classic. Would reverse psychology have worked? Like "Make sure you pick the wagon wheel, it's the BEST." Probably not.

allicat said...

Erica's right - that expression is pure joy. And it is probably far more interesting than the nice, plain background. You wouldn't have posted that for us to see :)

Michelle said...

Oh I'm not complaining, I love the pic! It's just such a Griffin thing...lol

He is so proud of that wagon wheel.

Anonymous said...

In my defense... I think I got confused from you telling me over and over to not pick the wagon wheel. Either way I'm glad because the wagon wheel picture rules.


Giles Fam said...

lol!! ha ha I totally remember that wagon wheel. Love it!