Random Stuff

Maybe I purchased these Halloween witches in August. Now I have 4 in my collection.

This is where Fatness 'hides' when he hears thunder.

Me in the very near future.

I don't think even Jesus would "use them."

--Good day.


allicat said...

Your witches are so cute!

You in the near future = LOL

OK, those three in that last pick look like they just have to be guys with horrible wigs on.... if they're not, it's really, really sad. Even more sad than Venla Whipple.

Ashley Rae said...

Yes I agree- the witches are darling! And you have to buy them in August, because when October hits, all of the Christmas stuff is out.

And my dog doesn't hide during thunder- she runs around the house barking and whining at whatever may be making that terrible noise. It makes me want a cat.

Jesus may have just used those three women to scare me. And he was successful.

Erica said...

lol lol to Fatness' hiding space.

Chris said...

LOLOL to everything. Except those witches....I want them.

Was that record in our parents' collection?

EEK said...

I agree with allicat ... I'd say drag queens but most drag queens look much better than that.