Dreaded Cupboard

Tuesday morning I organized my junk cupboard area. I am very slowly moving through all the cupboards in my house.

Here is the before:




Extra photos are in a decorative box, as are receipts and picture CD's. All envelopes and stamps are in one place. I filled a garbage can of shred papers and found a key I had been trying to find for 5 years.



allicat said...

Come organize my house.

Ashley Rae said...

Your 'before' pictures look better than any 'after' pictures I could take of any of my cupboards.

Kristin said...

Nice job.

I still have several cupboards to organize. And even some boxes to unpack. When you pop on up to organize Allison's house, you could stop by and do a drawer for me, as well :)

I have go with Ashley's comments though. Your "before" pictures look pretty good to me.

Erica said...

This has made my day.

Chris said...

hahaha your "disorganized" cupboard looks pretty organized to begin with. Looks very nice after, too. I like the metal flower thingy.

Malia said...

This is shocking on 2 accounts, one on how great it turned out and two, you are human.