The main purpose of our visit was to see my Mom. She is in a rehab center which she loves, mainly because she gets a lot of attention from very handsome young men, I wouldn't want to leave either. My sister Jeri and my niece Cyd are taking very good care of her.

Tim is famous for centering pictures and not including a lot of wall.

We did some sight seeing too. We had one sunny day to walk around Temple Square...

and take photos with creepy Brigham Young mannequins. Tim said he felt compelled to take on another wife.

I insisted my picture be taken in front of my old work place, back then it was called First Security Bank and I was dating a co worker who was gay. How should I know he was gay?! So what if he dressed up as Judy Garland at Halloween and made ruby slippers to wear and decorated his apartment tastefully, give me a break.

Tim wanted to see the State Capital which is quite awesome.

Our hotel was very cute, here is the lobby. They offered hot cider and chocolate each evening.

(Time for a kritten picture) This is Teddy, he is a loverrrr.

Tim has a thing for Brigham Young.

The sweet sister missionaries almost had Timothy converted, maybe next time ladies.


Erica said...

lol looks like you had fun! Your red coat is verra cute.

I was starting to get concerned as I scrolled through that there wasn't going to be a single kritten photo. I let out a sigh of relief upon seeing Teddy.

allicat said...

Glad your mom is liking her shindigs. It's got to be good for her heart to have handsome, doting young men around her. Uh, and to have her daughters visit...

LOVE the red coat and zeebra scarf. You look beautiful.

Did Tim select his second wife? Perhaps one of those sister missionaries??

allicat said...

And that BY mannequin IS rather creepy...

Kristin said...

You look darling in the coat. But then everyone else has already mentioned that.

I was worried about where your tour of temple square was leading, particularly when you mentioned the 2nd wife thing. But I expect you made it back home safely without a spare in tow.

Malia said...

LOL LOL, he made Ruby slippers.

Thank you for the temple square pics, and honestly that red coat is amazing, and you never look bad. Ok, I know I always comment about how good you look, but it's true! So I've decided to sneak attack your room at 3:00 am and snatch a picture of you sans makeup and gold jewelry.

Malia said...

PS. What is that amazing new bag that I overlooked the first time through?

Ashley Rae said...

Fun visit to good ol' salt lake! Yes- coat and scarf are spectacular.