Let's Give Thanks

Here are the highlights of my Thanksgiving:

My gravy boiled over on my stove top.

Fatness came out of my kitchen cupboard where he sleeps, just to throw up in front of everyone, then returned to the cupboard to continue his nap.

Just as I was ready to make my creamy whipped mashed potatoes, my hand-mixer broke.

How was your Thanksgiving?


allicat said...

Wow... that sounds like a memorable Thanksgiving.

Hand mashed potatoes are better than whipped anyway : )

Mine was really nice. Had a traditional and delicious dinner at Claimjumper restaurant with a friend. Then we walked over to the theatre and saw The Blind Side.

Very low stress and enjoyable. Only drawback was no leftovers for turkey sandwiches later.

Chris said...

LOLOL I'm sure it wasn't as bad as it seemed...and probably no one even noticed Fatty vomiting. And I am certain everything was DELICIOUS.

Mine was totally low stress, I didn't cook a thing, but oddly, I missed the chaos. And the bone-crunching annual Spiro Turkey Bowl. :(

And LOLOL to that picture!

Erica said...

Those are all the worst things, you stop it. You had fun and your dinner was delicious.

Ashley Rae said...

Oh sad. Poor Fatness. But I'm sure it was a very fun and yummy thanksgiving.

I love Friends. Such a good show.