In this video you will witness something rare, Fatness acting excited. Along with his old nemesis "rug" he has a new nemesis, two Hallmark snowmen singing.

disclaimer: ignore blurry images, Fatness was going crazy during the song.



Chris said...

I couldn't watch the video...it said it was unavailable, try again later. Camille and I are very sad.

((it's probably my retarded computer))

Chris said...

I tried again and it worked!! Fatty is totally ridiculous and I love the intent look on his face and his little crossed eyes when you are drumming your fingers on the table. I also understand how that song could be his nemesis. Totally.

allicat said...

That song is now my nemesis as well. It's no wonder he was disturbed!

He's a lover and needs his own tv show.

Erica said...

Fatty! I've never seen him so active.

call me said...

I watched 1:00 of this video against my better judgement.

Michelle said...

Your better judgement is askew.