My Fountain of Youth

I finally persuaded Timothy last week, to go with me to Lowes or "Lowells" as he calls it, to purchase my fountain. The perfect place was awaiting its arrival.

After a brief discussion--argument over which one, he wanted the hideous Southwest weird tilted stacked pots one--and I wanted the dark 3 tiered tasteful one. Let's just say I won.

We put it together without incident, which in the Hampton household is nothing short of a miracle.

Here she is:


I chose plants that like part shade, for which they thanked me. I think they are called "New Guinea Impatients" and they are lovers.


I added all this lovely granite. I worked for three hours, shoveling it from the side yard, hauling it in a big bucket and carefully spreading it. Where was Tim you ask? at work, praising God, he didn't have to do it.


I added a few stones in the basin for interest and because HGTV would want me to.


This is the ugly one, Tim wanted.

I love my fountain, I love sitting in my dining room with the window open listening to its happy bubbly voice.



Erica said...

LOL to the one Tim wanted.

Your fountain is beautiful! Your backyard is becoming worthy of Phoenix Home and Gardens. I bow to your skills and knowledge.

allicat said...

I'm so happy to hear of the bubbly fountain outside your window. I think it should be a city ordinance that all homes are required to have a soothing fountain in their yards.

I hope it brings you as much mental soothing and happiness as mine does me.

: )

Erica, we know where your decorating gene came from.....

call me said...

Very nice Michelle! That 3 piece Aladdin fountain is hideous, lol! Your backyard gets more amazing by the day.

Allicat did you say mental soothing? I could use one of those, do you think it would fit in my spare bedroom?

Ashley Rae said...

I definitely like yours better.

And you did a great job with the granite! It looks so beautiful :)

This makes me jealous that you're living in the beautiful warmth whilst my city is slowly turning into a glacier.

Chris and Jeri said...

I personally like the triple-urn fountain Tim wanted. :)

It looks beautiful, your yard is already a garden spot. Please come and redo mine.

Jeri says it's a veritable "temple Square" or "Hampton Square" in your case.

PA-lurker said...

For a minute I thought you meant that Tim was praising god at work.

Grandma Kathleen said...

You definitely chose the right fountain. I really like it and the whole landscaped area.