Confusing Halloween

I came across some "vintage" Halloween pictures of Jeri, Allison and I. I have no idea what or who we are supposed to be.

All wearing cut-offs, long-johns and stockings over our faces? We are in Allison's living room and apparently very proud of our confusing costumes.

Tammy Faye? Hooker? Primary President?

Jeri and I are in my Mother's glasses, Allison looks like a young Marilyn Monroe or Ellie Mae Clampett, I'm wearing awkward shoes and cut-offs. I have no idea.

Perhaps Allison can shed some light on this nonsense.


ericayoung08 said...

lol lol, I am also confused. I am anxious to hear what explanation Allison has for us.

Chris said...

I don't think that third one was Halloween?? I think you guys were just trying on Mom's old glasses for fun and Allison couldn't miss a chance to pose. :)

allicat said...

LOL.... this is ridiculous.

OK, that first picture was Jeri's idea... and I believe they were all Jeri's clothes. I know I didn't own what I was wearing.

We dressed up in those ridiculous getups with a plan to drive by (older) trick or treaters and hit them with the flour in the bottom of a pantyhose leg, covering them in white.

It didn't work out that way... we discovered it just thudded and hurt and didn't disburse flour on anyone. So we drove around and probably went to dinner.

Chris may be right on that last picture... probably was just a goofing off moment. I look amazingly tall and long-legged in it however....

We were (and are) ridiculous.

Kristin said...

You guys were always so funny. I remember being amused by the long johns. And Allison, where did those amazing long legs come from?? You look far taller than 5'2".

Ashley Rae said...