St. Valentine


I love Valentine's Day. This year it was a week long event. My sister Jeri flew down to spend a few days with us, on Tuesday we had a Valentine Party and she made a feast. Pasta(made with cream and veggies), spinach salad with glazed walnuts, an amazing jello desert made out of pretzels/cream cheese at which Chris proclaimed "only a Mormon mother would have thought up this concoction."

We had beautiful decorations, to go along with our beautiful valentines: Mike, Tim and Zach.

Beautiful Valentine Maidens:

A Special shout out to Morgan for the lovely fruit and chocolate dipped strawberries that were delivered to me today. It was a sweet sweet surprise!

I love my Timmy, he gave me a bear that sings "Love Will Keep us Together" and a bouquet of flowers. (Notice him in the background stuffing his cheeks with chocolates).



allicat said...

Another fabulous holiday celebration.... you guys have too much fun. Mike & Tim look especially thrilled to be there, LOL.

Post the jello-pretzel dessert recipe.... that just sounds plain bizaare. (but no more bizarre than me using jello as a dip for potato chips)

Ashley Rae said...

How sweet. I love all the fun get-togethers you have. Happy Valentine's Day :)

Erica said...

LOL to "our valentines" on the couch.

Anonymous said...

Happy V day momma. I just got back from Berlin, sorry if it seems like i've been neglecting you. I'll call you as soon as i can.

Glad you liked the fruit bouquet Morgan was worried you wouldn't because she is ridiculous. I miss you guys, and I especially miss Tim's vulgar jokes that make you mad. ha ha.

Chris said...

I don't think I ever commented on this lovely VD blog entry. It was sweet of you and Jeri to decorate Mom's for VD, that was a fun night.

Jeri and I look sweaty in that pic. Mom looks overjoyed. :/