The One

I had no one to celebrate with last night, Tim voted for McCain, so I found Fatness and we high-fived and embraced.

History was made.

I cried when I heard Charlie Gibson say "we are calling it, Obama has won." Thank you America for not letting something as stupid as the pigment of one's skin matter, thank you for a vote for hope.

In honor of our first African-American President, I cut my first roses of the season.


EEK said...

It's not pigment, it is policy.

Chris said...

And he has been handed a whole lotta crap to deal with. I wish him the best of luck.

I am still dancing with joy!

allicat said...

I keep having to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

Today at TJMaxx, I got into an Obama-joy conversation with a couple of African-American ladies who wanted to show me a prayer vidoe on one of their cell phones.

And have you seen the reaction from around the world? It's like they're wiling to completely wipe the slate clean - forgive us for all the Bush years and start fresh. It's incredible....

allicat said...

BTW - your roses are beautiful.

Michelle said...

Yes, all day long at work, I scanned as many websites as I could and cried all over again as I viewed the pictures of the rejoicing here and around the world.

What an amazing time!

Chris said...

It really is exciting, isn't it?? It feels like the country is re-energized for the first time in many, many years. Like coming out of the fog.
I think most of our old allies are as happy as we are to see Bush get the hell outta there and welcome Obama and the ties he can hopefully mend.