Just Tuesday

I received this in the post. Isn't she cute? My lifetime giggle-fest friend Alli-Cat sent it to me because she is thoughtful like that.

I saw Eagle Eye this weekend, it was intense and had a completely ridiculous premise but that's beside the point. The point is the film has Shia in it, so what if I'm old enough to be his mother, shut it. I love him.

On Saturday Tim was doing something official and important all day, me? I watched "Extras." I planted my butt on the sofa, cracked open a Diet Coke and laughed my ass off for 3 hours. Then my sister called and we discussed how funny and brilliant the show is.

Look at this Harry Potter costume. No, I will never tire of cats in costumes.

Dear Angie,

This pic doesn't bode well. Shiloh is wearing green Crocs, Pax has something akin to seaweed dangling from his armpits, no one's hair has seen a brush in 3 days and umm Angie your dress is ugly. Please give your uterus a rest, wear something other than black and hem it. Your children look like orphans and carry around bags of Cheetos, but you are still magnificent and I look forward to "The Changeling." xxoo --me


Chris said...

That grumpy cat in the HP costume is the best thing I have ever seen. Period, the end.

I love that cat Allison sent you!!!!

allicat said...

I too love that Cat in the Harry Potter Costume. I don't suppose Fatneess would lower himself enough to wear it?

I got inspired by all your decorations - both you and Chris - and actually went out and bought a few new ones for myself this year.

Pics to follow when I can destress enough to focus. The insideousness of McCain/Palin's latest campaign tactics make me want to scream. And not in a good, halloween kind of way.

Ashley Rae said...

Aw, that cat my mom sent is very cute. I love it. And that harry potter costume? LOL. Fabulous.

Angelina... really, dear. Let's at least TRY, ok?

Kristin said...

We really enjoyed the first season of Extras. There were a few episodes that pretty much had as rolling on the floor. But it lost some of its appeal when the focus shifted to his new sitcom. They kind of got away from the whole them; he wasn't an extra anymore...

craigthegrey said...

Extra's is probably the best thing to come out of England since the Beatles. The Kate Winslet episode is priceless. The Patrick Stewart role is very good as well: “and we see everything!”