The great thing about October? I get to plant my winter flowers. This includes dragging Tim to the nearby nursery, nailing down my color scheme, correcting Tim on the names of the flowers, mentally calculating how many I will need, dragging $90.00 worth of flowers and potting soil home and then spending all day getting their sweetness's into the ground.

This year I decided for the pots, yellow Marigolds, red Geraniums and purple Stock. The bricked area received pink and purple Petunias.


Griffin is not fond of this ghoul. He said "I don't like its spiny arms."



Chris said...

Your flowers are always GORGEOUS. And I love your skeleton in the pot!! And Griffy is in the military, he has no business being afraid of a wiry ghoul.

allicat said...

Boooootiful! And your flowers are lovely. I need to get on the ball and plant my winter flowers (pansies and those decorative purple cabbage) before it gets too late!

Ashley Rae said...

Aw, I love flowers. I'm envious of your growing season.

Erica said...

I love that ghost! Your flowers will be perfect like every other year. Why didn't I get your or Dad's green thumbs.

Erica said...

I just saw Sween on your sidebar complimenting my bangs LOL