Stepford Wife

Cindy responding to ABC asking about Palin's credentials:
"Alaska is the closest part of our continent to Russia. So, it's not as if she doesn't understand what's at stake here."

lol lol lol

And then we have the woman who didn't care about thrusting her pregnant 17 year old daughter into center stage and in the 90's was a member of The Alaskan Independence Party, they are the party pushing for a legal vote for Alaskans to decide whether or not residents of the 49th state can secede from the United States, crazies.

Country first McCain?


Kristin said...

I am disgusted (and shocked, really) that Sarah Palin would agree to the VP candidacy when she knew her daughter was pregnant. Not so much for the hypocrisy factor as for what this is probably doing to her daughter!!

Can you imagine being a teen and having your private matters and (probably quite embarrassing) pregnancy be the topic of world news??!

I would never do that to my child.

If she is that insensitive to her child, willing to put her own kid through that to further her career...

What kind of world leader would she be?

This disgusts me.

Chris said...

Kristin, I agree with you. Not to mention Palin has a young child with Down's Syndrome, it sounds like her family may be feeling the total repercussions of her career, unfortunately. I feel sorry for them.
McCain shot himself in the foot picking her for his VP. If he passes away, can you imagine this woman running the country?

'Stepford McCain' has always frightened me. She seems like a social-climbing nightmare.

allicat said...

Truly I want to just stick my head under a pillow and not come out again til it's time to vote - and then depending on the results, stay out and live, or hide under the pillow for another 4 years.

I get so excited hearing Obama speak, the idea that this intelligent, inspiring, thoughtful, articulate, gracious man could actually be our president.... I mean how could anyone not see that he and Biden are what this nation needs right now....

And then I hear members of my extended family, or their relatives or friends say things like...

"I'm not going to vote for Obama... I don't like Michelle because she looks like a monkey..."

"Obama wants his daughter to have an abortion!!! There's no way I'd vote for him!"

These irrational statements made (by people who get their news from Fox) with such fervor that it is clear that absolutely nothing will sway them from their illogical and thoughts - regardless of the truth.

And I recognize our nation is filled with people like this and it makes me want to cry.

Can you imagine angry old McCain, with his temper always on the verge of explosion, with the world biggest army and an arsenal of nuclear and other weapons at his disposal???

And, even worse than him.... Palin... I read she supports teaching creationism in science classes. Haven't we suffered enough of an assault on science and reason the past 8 years????

Please... please.... pray to our noodly master, the Flying Spaghetti Monster (or whichever god/or not that you worship) that this travesty will not come to pass. And then go out and vote for obama!

Obama must win this year....

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Amen to all. Alli, you actually heard someone utter that Michelle looks like a monkey? w.o.w.

On realclearpolitics.com click on the article "Dan Quayle With An Up-do" This woman explains exactly how I feel about Palin.

Allicat said...

Actually, Ashley heard it. From her mother in law.

Ashley Rae said...

Sad, sad, sad. Yes. That was said to me and I was disgusted. Really?... REALLY?? I couldn't believe it was said. It depresses me that someone is that shallow to not like/hate someone based on how they look. It's extremely immature and asinine. Yet it happens all too often. I am embarrassed to be related to these people, no matter how distant.

On another note, if we like Hillary, how could we not vote for Palin? Samantha Bee said that those two are gynecological twins! LOL

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight...

Women shouldn't have jobs if they have kids, especially one with Down's?

And if your child is having premarital sex, and winds up pregnant and decides to keep the baby, you should abandon everything you're doing, and hide in a cave so no one finds out. Don't you think she discussed her running with her daughter first, and if her family didn't feel good about it, she wouldn't? Like any mom, I do.

And Obama saying he'll tax big businesses and the oil companies is okay with you, because they'd never pass that tax on to us. Wait until he's in office and the economy is worse, and then remember that I told you so.

Obama is articulate....when his teleprompter is working right.

Biden, where to begin:

1) In the 70's, Biden opposed giving aid to the South Vietnamese government in its war with the North. Congress cut off the funds...contributed to the fall of a US ally, helped communism advance, and led to mass death in the region.

2) He advocated defense cuts so massive that even Edmund Muskie and Walter Mondale opposed them.

3) He is and always has been a fierce opponent of modernizing our strategic nuclear forces.

4) He opposed helping Kuwait and the US entry in the Gulf War...saying "What vital interests of the US justify sending Americans to their deaths in the sands of Saudi Arabia?"

5) In 2003, he voted to authorize the war to liberate Iraq...then in 2006 he argued for Iraq to be partitioned, which would have broken up the state he authorized us to liberate.

6) In 2007, he called the troop surge a "tragic mistake"...which was obviously wrong...b/c without the surge, Jihadists would have won their most important victory ever.

Don't be surprised if Biden's health suddenly becomes a bigger issue, and he has to drop out of the running, so that Obama can choose a better running mate. Someone that can hold a candle to Palin.

"Stepford McCain' has always frightened me. She seems like a social-climbing nightmare." You're not any better than the person that said Michelle Obama looks like a monkey.

allicat said...

Thank you, Karl Rove minion.

"Anonymous" (We'll call you Karl Jr. since you didn't leave your name) missed the point entirely about the pregnancy issue. not that she can't have a career - but that she, by choice, thrust her daughter into the spotlight at a vulnerable time in her life. Not a choice that many mothers understand.

The RNC is now peddling stories that Senator Biden's acknowledged expertise in international affairs is actually a weakness. Typical Rovian tactic.

I don't have time to investigate all your claims, but here are rebuttals to a few.

3. The phrase "Opposed modernization of US nuclear forces" is taken directly from the critique of a former deputy assistant to Bush. The definition of "modernization" turns out to consist largely of things like Star Wars.... which cost $50 billion from ‘83 to ‘93, despite failing to produce any deployable systems or major technological breakthroughs, gave the US taxpayers no bang for its bucks - but did fund a lot of 3-martini lunches at Lockheed-Martin and other defense contractors. Joe Biden has never been alone in his opposition to Reagan’s SDI and holds a position informed and shared by many military and defense systems experts.

4. Biden argued war in Kuwait as as a last result (as war always should be) and, along with many other Democrats,insisted that the administration and its allies should have waited months — and maybe as long as a year — on the expectation that the pressure from economic sanctions would eventually force Iraq to withdraw. That view was endorsed by some scholars and former Pentagon officials who had testified before congressional committees.

5. He supported a plan to help end the secterian violence occurring at the time. The Biden-Brownback Resolution passed the Senate 75-23 in a nonbinding vote on September 25, 2007, including 26 Republican votes. The Iraqi government chose not to implement it, as was their right.

6. First of all, the troop surge would not have even been necessary had idiot Bush not been so anxious to go to war in the first place. (Yeah, we really want another trigger happy guy in the white house).

Second, he did not oppose a troop surge. He said: "I will not to support a surge of troops unless it's tied to some reason for me to believe that they have a political solution."

Biden said any proposal to send about 30,000 more U.S. troops to Iraq should only follow a political solution that will end sectarian violence and civil unrest.

Unfortunately, as Obama correctly stated on Bill O'Reilly's show - while the surge has been militarily successful, "The Iraqis still haven't taken responsibility. And we still don't have that kind of political reconciliation."

Want more war? Vote McCain/Palin.

Want diplomacy, cooperation and peace - with war as a last result? Vote Obama/Biden