Hola Morgan

Morgan began blogging in May, this is her blog Momo-Xoxo. This is Morgan (aka Griffin's girlfriend).
07-14-2008 04;07;48PM
..and this is her cat LeeRoy, because she loves cats. LeeRoy can fetch things.

Morgan is really tall actually taller than Griffin, but because Griffin is so secure in his manhood this doesn't bother him, even when she wears 2 inch heels. When they are together they giggle A LOT and Griffin makes her carry him around on her back.

She loves to cook, she has a brother who is a Marine and a sister that lives in Texas who is married to an Army Medic. She is a massage therapist and loves Christian Bale, she likes to watch the History channel and play XBox with Griffin.

Welcome new blogger Morgan!


Momo-Xoxo said...

I feel so special!!!! Thank you Michelle! :-)

Chris said...

Hey hey Morgan! I'll post a link on my blog. I am the odd mad out around here, I have a livejournal.
Does Griffy have a blog yet???

allicat said...

Welcome Morgan! Yeah - another cat lover!

Does Griffin want to wear your shoes? He used to like to wear mine.... and I have a picture to prove it.

Chris, I'm odd too - since I use a Wordpress blog (on my own site).

Momo-Xoxo said...

No Griff just has myspace and, no he's never worn my shoes but i'd like to see that picture.