Abigail for a weekend

I was lucky this weekend because Abigail Marie Spiro, age 10, slept over for 2 nights. We did a lot of swimming, she showed me her impressive diving

We might have played a game in the pool called "SeaCats" where the cats didn't care about their special fur getting wet. She was Sweety SeaCat and I was Cecilia SeaCat.

We went to the movies and watched "Kitt Kittredge" which was excellent.

She danced a lot while Uncle Tim serenaded.

This is an amazing video of Abby. You will see her dancing and doing impressions with Uncle Tim providing the soundtrack.

This is an academy award performance by the irrepressible Abby, playing Ann Darrow in a scene from "King Kong"

I miss her already.


allicat said...

What a fun weekend.... loved the first video and Tim's "Love Story" soundtrack..... was that piece chosen for a specific reason?

2nd video was exciting, but I'm afraid the cinematography left me feeling a bit nausesous - though not as much as when I saw the Blair Witch Project (I actually had to run from the theatre and barely made it to the bathroom before I projectile vomited....)

Chris said...

Excellent camera work on the dancing with the ape segment, and I loved Abby's very true to life renditions of you and Tim, esp. you as "camra girl". King Kong left me breathless, it was thrilling! Alex's review of the King Kong performance: 'flippin sweet'.
Thanks for being so sweet with Abby, I know she'll always remember these weekends with Aunt Shell.

My kids are now obsessed with making their own videos now. :/

Erica said...

Five stars!! I demand more movies starring the beautiful Abby Spiro, and the up and coming director Michelle Hampton. Tim's soundtrack was also amazing.

I am jealous of your weekend. Next time I would like a small role, maybe just a couple of lines. See what you can do.

Anonymous said...

that was awesome!! i loved the videos.

-griffin john guttery

Ashley Rae said...

You are the coolest aunt ever. It looks like you guys had a blast. Abby is a cute girl :)

Michelle said...

Caca, we can set you up for an audition, no promises.

Abbigail requested a slow paced piece, hence, Love Story.

Chris said...

Yes, I forgot to mention the beautiful piano work by Tim. It really created a mood.

Like I told you, my kids are now obsessed with making more videos. They let me appear in theirs this morning to say hi and then hastily shooed me aside. Maybe I can appear in one of your productions someday.
*gets in queue behind Caca*

allicat said...

If I were there I'd be happy to help with some set design. Or perhaps some sound effects. I do have professional experience as a voice over artist - even have a listing in the internet movie database : )

Perhaps you could contact Rick Poulsen to write a script for you. I believe I still have his "The Day of the Frog" offering.....

Or maybe you should hold a contest among your readers, requesting possible script submissions.

Michelle said...

Alli you are listed in IMDB! That's amazing...lol.

At this point Abby will need an agent to handle all offers.

Chris, bring us your headshots and an audition piece, however, I'm not sure about hiring anymore family members, they tend to be troublesome.