What I did this weekend.

We went to see "Wall-E" with Zaerica (Erica and Zach, keep up people). There was a mixed bag of reviews from the 4 of us. Zachary did not like it, I could tell this from the way his knee was bouncing up and down at a 100 RPM's, Tim only laughed in a few places and seemed unimpressed. Keep in mind these two men are fans of "Alien vs Predator" and deem the box set of "Rocky" kick ass.

Erica and I loved the movie, because we have good taste. It was imaginative, inspirational, funny, sad, creative and you will fall in love with Wall-E within 10 seconds. It is a classic.


Chris said...

It does look cute. I told A & A to see Prince Caspian, which we all loved and Friday night Mike and I saw 'Wanted', which I can't decide if I hated or not. My former Girl Scout co-leader had brought 3 11 year old girls to the show and they were sitting right behind us, and it was really disturbing me since the first scene is sex and gore and the F word and then 1000 times more of that throughout the film. Some people should never,ever be parents.
Thanks for the invite to Wall-E!! Sheesh.

allicat said...

So glad to read your review. I am looking forward to seeing it!

Erica said...

Zach shakes his leg in every movie unfortunately. Loved Wall-E. Wanted was average, they seemed to be trying too hard.

Zach and Tim's movie tastes cannot be trusted.

call me said...

I want to take Kalei to see that, I think it would be so fun. Wall-E looks like a lover, and I'm sure I'll fall in love in seconds.