Things I Know For Sure

I miss the Prophet Oprah, so in honor of her I give you my list.

Fatness is getting older. Is it mean that I look at pictures like the one below and start pondering my next kritten?

Jon Hamm is right around the corner. Will Don Draper actually marry the gappy Megan? I can't wait to hear him yell at his underlings and smirk at their ineptness.

The Voice is better than American Idol

Just because you start an exercise routine and manage to do it for 7 months doesn't mean you will see visible muscle tone.

I saw "This Means War" and thoroughly enjoyed it.

My last mammogram hurt worse than listening to family members telling one another why Newt Gingrich would make a great president.

This hair instills anger in me.

Out of the 14 symptoms of menopause, I have 13.

I'm still obsessed with this one.



I'm a bit obsessed with my new granddaughter.

I love my daughter too, and Zach, after all they made Ivy for me.

Ivy and I are going to have many adventures together. I'm banking on her loving Broadway Musicals and never outgrowing Disneyland where she will be outfitted in any princess dress she wants. I'm hoping she will share my fascination with all things Hollywood. She might even enjoy Isaac Asimov (quiet Erica).

If she decides she loves camping, rock climbing and fishing, then Grandma will need to adjust.

We are also going to share clothes.


Good Things

I'm the world's most nonathletic person, I'm also the world's worst exercise disciplined person, but today marks 6 months of an exercise regime that I have actually stuck with. When I turned 50 I realized it's all downhill from here and I better get my ass moving somewhere other than between the sofa and kitchen for snacks. Leslie Sansone "Walk Away The Pounds" starts you out simply and she doesn't scare you or scream at you.

I started out with her one mile and have worked up to the 4 mile. I started out with 5 pound weights and now use 8 pound weights. I can do 35 girl push ups and about 20 sit ups and have discovered some muscles in my back and arms that I never knew existed. I lost 8 pounds.

To mark my new found energy I talked Tim into going on a hike with me yesterday. It was a 1.5 mile hike and probably moderate difficulty. In the past I would have huffed and sworn my way to the top or not have gone at all, but I did have to smile a little as I easily maneuvered the hike and even led the way while my athletic husband was breathing a little harder and having to stop a little more.


Christmas Joy

Happy Holidays. I have no presents wrapped, no outside lights up, no Christmas cards sent and I've eaten my weight in tamales. Also, is it odd that my husband has an obsession with those awful Hallmark Holiday movies? Last night he watched 3 in a row. It's ridiculous.

When I get stressed I simply watch a Maru video. I would sell my soul to the Kardashian's if it meant I could own this cat.

How is your holiday progressing?


More Ivy-girl

I might need a separate blog just for pictures of my baby Ivy.

Here she is looking completely thrilled with her first visit to Grandma's house:

Here she is looking very excited about Grandma's Christmas tree:



This is the first time I held her, something I have waited 27 years for. She was so incredibly beautiful, I fell in love instantly. I think Zach was worried I might run out the door with her, he told me each baby is equipped with an ankle alarm "baby Low-Jack" that will go off if she passes through the door, my plan was foiled.


Here is her first stroller ride. Let's just say it didn't start out well, Erica and I got 20 feet from the front door when we were accosted by a bee. We both freaked out because Zach is allergic, at one point Erica screamed "SHE COULD BE ALLERGIC LIKE ZACH!" Then there was a lot of swatting at air and dancing around. Things settled down after the bee left.


She looked very contemporary in her striped H&M onesie and green headband.


Dear Baby Girl,

You are very lucky to have the parents you do. Do you know that your Mom told me in the hospital she didn't want to go to sleep because she didn't want to miss anything you did and your Daddy held you for hours just staring at your beautiful face? They love you beyond anything you can imagine until one day you have your own child.

When my mom tucked me in at night she said "I love you more than the sun and the moon and the stars." Guess what Ivy, I love you more than the sun and the moon and the stars. I plan on us being best friends, I hope you will share your secrets and dreams with me.



Kitchen Remodel

We have been in this house for 10 years, for 10 years we have talked about painting cabinets and adding granite counter tops. The exquisite Formica was beginning to chip, the white dishwasher was very loud and the oak finish cabinets were water-stained, but other than that it was a lovely kitchen. Here is a before picture from 2010 Halloween, or maybe Zach just liked wearing dinosaur tails.

We first got our cabinets painted a chocolate brown, it took two days and we had to endure a very potent varnish smell. Our kitchen was taped up like a scene from Dexter.

They took off all the fronts and painted them in our backyard, the rest was taped off and sprayed.

We picked out brushed nickel handles. We still needed a sink and counter tops.

We went to Home Depot and picked out a light colored granite, and had planned on a stainless steel sink, but opted for a chocolate granite sink. Picked out a faucet and added a stainless steel dishwasher. Could have done this 10 years ago, but why rush things.